Thank you for considering me for your upcoming design project.  I am looking forward to finding the best and most beautiful design solutions to your problems!

During our upcoming Design Consultation (90 min), we will run through various questions to understand what you want to achieve in the space, esthetically and functionally.  We will talk about how the whole Design Process works (the good and the bad!), determine the initial Scope of Work plan, and if time allows, we will review the initial Contract and discuss any questions.

In the mean time, to get you thinking of budgets, I have attached our RENOVATION INVESTMENT GUIDE  for your review.  This guide is purely an example.  Together will will create a detailed investment estimate as you project progresses. This guide to to help with inital budgeting and planning.

Lastly, please remember to bank e-transfer the Design Consultation Fee ($300) to nadia@tribalmuddesign.ca PRIOR to meeting date.

See you soon!