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"At Tribal Mud Design Management, our goal is to create functional and timeless interior design solutions to better connect you with your space."

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Creating a design that loves you!

Available Packages

  1. FUNCTIONAL IMPROVEMENTS - Remove frustration of working in a Kitchen or an Office that was not designed for you.  We can help to create a space that is purposely functional and esthetically beautiful.
  2. WELLNESS LIVING - Increase your ability to center, reflect, and recharge in your home.  Shared spaces in a home help set the tone of your day in both the morning and the evening.  Through the use of specific design techniques, we can help to invoke calmness within your 4 walls for you and your family.
  3. SPA RETREAT - Creating a space that makes you smile and helps you unwind. Through the use of natural materials, textures, and patterns, we can help to create that personal oasis from the outside world.
  4. REST & REFLECTION - Creating a space that is a reflection of you is an important part of wellness. Items that make you smile - a piece of art, a unique piece of furniture, a beautiful wallpaper - inherently affect your mood and energy.  We can help create the space you want to rest and reflect.


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INITIAL PHASE:  Initial meeting with client to discuss services, fees, and schedules.  I will assemble the Service Agreement and a high-level Design Scope of Work highlighting the ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ for your new space.

DESIGN PHASE:  This is the fun part – Designing! Collaboration is key during this phase to make sure the design aligns with your expectations.  Final drawings/renders, materials and finishes will be selected.  Final design package will be assembled and ready to issue to Contractor/trades for pricing.    

CONSTRUCTION PHASE:  Construction Builder will take over at this point in the project to order materials and complete the build as per the approved plans.  I will ensure that plans are understood by Construction Builder prior to commencing and will also conduct Deficiency/Construction Complete Review to help ensure build is completed as expected.


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